The Auhana Way

Your Majestic Holiday Experience Awaits

Come home to a place where intimacy and luxury are pursued endlessly. The Auhana Boracay rests on a 7-hectare oasis, which commands unparalleled views of Boracay’s signature white-sand beach, azure skies, and aquamarine waters. Come closer to nature and enjoy the tropical beauty of Boracay, at your liking, at your pace with The Auhana Boracay, an island destination that fosters serene escapades, forming everlasting memories.

The Auhana
The Auhana - Grand Lobby
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World-Class Services

Inspired by the beauty of what life has to offer, The Auhana Boracay desires to be a sanctuary that nurtures experiences and lifelong memories inspired by our world-class amenities and activities.The Auhana Boracay fashions the hospitality model which allows you to freely explore—relax in the warm, Filipino accommodation; bask in the heat of the Philippine sun; take on the waves that meet the horizon.

The Auhana - Stairs


Environment & Heritage

As we rediscover the New Boracay, we are committed to preserve the legacies of nature and heritage. The Auhana Boracay is home to a historic tunneI, a mountain trail built by original settlers and a pre-existent grotto atop a hill.